Workshops – 10th September and 1st October

On September 10th I was joined by surgeons, pathologists and other medical professionals for another Drawing Parallels workshop. During the three hours there was a lot of silent concentration and followed by lively discussion about foetal and neonatal specimens and how they should be displayed and used.

.IMG_7511               IMG_7515


 “they are very useful for showing my students some of those diseases that affected the skeleton prior to the advent of disease modifying drugs.”

On October 1st participants came from different stages of training in medical schools for the last of the medical related workshops held at Barts. The students had not encountered specimens of this nature and were keen to explore drawing as a method for engaging with them in a way that allowed them to learn from them in a respectful way.

IMG_7584cropped  IMG_7594cropped

“I am very anxious that the ‘old’ path museums are kept since at the very least they are important historical documents and illustrate many diseases that are now no longer seen.”

IMG_7593cropped     IMG_7600 cropped

About 70 drawings have been made by participants since June and these will be displayed on this blog soon.







About Lucy Lyons

I draw in medical museums, labs and dissection rooms. Mainly stuff in jars.
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