Drawing Parallels: Artistic Encounters with Pathology is a collaborative interdisciplinary research project between Barts Pathology Museum, QMUL and UCL Pathology Collections. We aim to survey the attitudes of medical specialist and non-medical specialist audiences towards preserved foetal and neonatal specimens.

8 workshops will run over the next six months, each aimed at different groups of participants allowing opportunity for a wider variety of people to engage with these artefacts.

The workshops are designed to provide a space where thoughts, opinions and perspectives can be discussed and ways to engage with specimens explored. Each workshop will be run using the same format and using identical specimens. Participants will have the chance to engage with drawings, photographs and real specimens and will be encouraged to share their views on these and develop their encounters through drawing and dialogue.

This project is an opportunity to share our collections with audiences and will inform us how such specimens are interpreted and displayed at both collections. It will allow us to respond to concerns and ideas and consider how display and management can be improved.

We hope that by engaging with the specimens in practical workshops their value and importance will be highlighted, thoughts about how they can be used more productively will be discussed and ways found to appreciate these unique specimens more fully.

Dates and locations of workshops:

Al workshops are from 1:00- 4:00 pm

Barts Pathology Museum workshops are aimed at those connected with medical museums and from medical professions.

JULY 2nd   Medical museum people, APTs, technicians NOW FULL

AUGUST 6th – Midwives & trainees and paediatric nurses

SEPTEMBER 10th – Surgeons, GPs, Pathologists and related medical professionals (NEARLY FULL)

OCTOBER 1st – Medical students – any year, any medical related field NOW FULL

UCL workshops are aimed at members of the public from a non-medical and those with a general interest.

OCTOBER 4th – Museum workers and academics in other fields NOW FULL

NOVEMBER 8th -Others on Share academy list, med humanities, arts (NEARLY FULL)

NOVEMBER 15th – UCL & QMUL (other uni) support staff & hospital staff

DECEMBER 6th – UCL museum & Barts events list people, general museum goers (NEARLY FULL)

Light refreshments will be provided.


Please email for further information


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