SEPTEMBER 10th workshop – medical related (NEARLY FULL)

As part of Drawing Parallels: Artistic encounters with pathology, we are running  8 workshops, each aimed at different groups so a wide range of people  have the opportunity to participate. We aim to provide a space where participants can discuss and engage with foetal and neonatal specimens.

The workshop on Wednesday September 10th will be at Barts Pathology Museum and is aimed mainly at pathologists, GPs and surgeons, though of course anyone interested from other related medical fields is very welcome.

The day will begin at 1:00pm and end with drinks at 4:00pm.

Light refreshments will be provided

Participants will see photographs, drawings and real specimens and engage with them through artistic methods. This is an opportunity for issues, concerns, opinions and ideas to be expressed and for specimens that have been hidden away or rarely used to have the chance to be seen.

By using this workshop to share opinions and engage with interesting specimens participants will help museums understand perceptions and reactions to the way specimens are maintained and displayed, improve how collections are used and promote the value of these unique specimens.

To RSVP your space and for further details please email

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